Pets for Patients is a non-profit that rescues pets from shelters and places them in forever homes with critically-ill children.
Pets for Patients needed a complete brand identity and messaging toolbox as it told its heartwarming, inspiring story of helping terminally-ill children and their families. The organization also needed to shift its messaging to focus more attention on the recipients of the animals and the comfort the pet brings to families.
The Intrinzic team was touched and inspired by the great work this organization does, particularly after hearing the touching stories from families who have benefitted from adding a pet to their homes to provide comfort in a time of need.
Pets for Patients’ new identity reflects the unbreakable bond that forms between a child and his or her pet, while showing the mission of the organization. Vibrant, bright colors help tell the Pets for Patients story in a positive, upbeat manner. The brand’s verbal elements also convey the warm, upbeat tone, helping bring the impact of this group’s work to life to key stakeholders. The new brand has been deployed online and in social media.