Kingsgate Transportation and Logistics offers a full scope of services to meet a variety of shipping needs.
Kingsgate found itself in an industry that is becoming less personalized and more commoditized. The company turned to Intrinzic to elevate their expertise, demonstrating how Kingsgate is different from its competitors with a relationship-based approach that helps the businesses they work with become more successful. Kingsgate turned to Intrinzic to define its brand and build a website that reflected the company’s key messages.
Businesses rely on Kingsgate to keep their supply chains moving. We were inspired by the company’s dedication to service, building life-long relationships with the businesses they support, and wanted to bring that spirit to the brand’s language, look and feel.
Kingsgate’s new brand emphasizes movement, with a refreshed visual identity, color palette and tone of voice. The company’s new website showcases the brand visually while still providing quick access to facilitate business.