Utility Trailer Manufacturing is the nation’s leading provider of refrigerated trailers. Intrinzic works with the company’s Aftermarket Parts Division on a variety of marketing projects, including a biennial International Dealer Meeting.
Utility needed to find new ways to engage dealers coming to the International Dealer Meeting in Chandler, Arizona. The company turned to Intrinzic to create a consistent theme and develop a suite of materials to build enthusiasm among conference attendees.
Intrinzic was inspired by the partnership Utility has with its dealers and suppliers. The team also drew inspiration from the event venue in Arizona, incorporating the unbridled spirit of the American Southwest in the theme and visuals.
Intrinzic developed a theme and materials that celebrate the true spirit of Utility and Genuine Parts by focusing on the importance of the partnership and the value that collaboration brings to the relationship. The word “partnership” is also a nod to the rugged culture of the Southwest. The theme also came to life through signage that looked like it was crated with a branding iron, type and photo treatments.

In addition to a variety of signage, wayfinding materials and collateral, Intrinzic developed a mobile app that not only kept meeting attendees in the right spot at the right time, it helped facilitate deeper engagement between dealers and show vendors. UTM reported 350 attendees at the meeting, who built strong relationships with vendors and dealers.