Limbach is an integrated building systems provider – managing all components of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and controls systems, from system design and construction through service and maintenance. They engineer, construct, and service mechanical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, building automation, electrical and control systems in both new and existing buildings and infrastructure. Founded in 1901, Limbach’s drive to rise up, help their clients reach their goals and overcome obstacles, through partnership has never changed.
Intrinzic’s mission was to create a meaningful and differentiated brand in the construction market. We translated the culture, vision and purpose of Limbach into a powerful and inspiring brand platform. We made it fully actionable across the organization and at all touch points, in story, expectation, communication, action, mood and feeling. We melded analysis with creativity and experience with intuition.
When Limbach approached Intrinzic, it was strictly a mechanical services company that offered design and engineering services independently. We were able to transform their brand to center around integrated building systems and support.
Collaborating closely with Limbach, we developed a brand architecture, redesigned brand identity, consistent brand toolbox with elements for all touchpoints and a holistic messaging platform that resonates today and will grow with their business in the future.