For 10 years, NKU’s College of Informatics has offered students a path to explore the disciplines that are at the center of modern life. Thousands of students have graduated from the college, going on to lead successful careers in a variety of disciplines, including communications, information technology, journalism, data science and more.
The definition of informatics was confusing to the market, and the college’s brand was presented in a disjointed way with little emotion. The college needed to tell its story in a more meaningful and compelling way, tying the work done on campus with challenges faced throughout modern society. The college also needed to make technology part of the story, instead of the entire story. COI leaders wanted a clear and compelling story around the role of informatics in each of its departments – communication, business informatics and computer science.
In today’s world, we are inundated with information. It’s everywhere and everything. We were inspired by the role informatics plays in breaking down information and making it meaningful and useful again. We see the potential the college has to propel innovation and have a tremendous impact on the world. We collaborated with college leaders, faculty, staff, donors and students to get a broad sense of the work they do and what makes it so vital.
The college’s revised brand provides a more approachable, emotive and compelling way to describe the college, breaking the college’s story down into passion pursuits as a “way in” to inspire and motivate key audiences. These pursuits include propelling innovation, driving businesses forward, securing information, uncovering truth and advocating for students.

Visually, the new messaging will come to life in a COI brochure in Fall, 2017. Intrinzic developed a unique cover and inside spread template supporting the COI’s five passion pursuits in an ownable and fresh way. NKU’s internal design team is completing the brochure with Intrinzic team members collaborating on art direction.