Hundred Percent Labs

Hundred Percent Labs formed in 2019, and quickly made a name for themselves in Ohio’s medical cannabis market as highly-specialized extractors and processors of pure, high-quality concentrates. Their reputation was built by delivering high-quality products to patients throughout Ohio that reflect the expertise, attention to detail, passion and discipline they bring to their craft every day. As they continued to innovate their processes and extend into new product categories, they needed to create a business and brand strategy that allowed for future expansion, but that also would resonate with a range of consumer segments and consumption patterns.

Our challenge was to develop a new architecture that would support their current and growing product and brand portfolio, but also serve as one cohesive system that creates positive brand equity built on craft, quality and variety. Our solution was to develop a “house of brands” architecture model starting with a unique and independent holding brand, Hundred Percent Labs, with its own assets and messaging. Their two current product brands, Hundred Percent and Aura, would also have their own unique assets and live beneath the holding brand as part of their growing family of brands.

This system would inform product positioning and overall go-to-market strategy for new brands and products moving forward and create a sense of scale for their business. It also provides clarity on their offerings, and ensures all of their brands can stand alone, but also coexist as more are added to the family.