Aura combines science and artistry to create a spectrum of effects-focused cannabis products designed to elevate expectations for flavor, quality, and experience. Known for their creativity and experimental product development, they needed a robust and flexible visual system to allow room for expansion as they created new forms and flavors. Their products needed to feel premium and experiential, while also providing cues that could resonate across a range of consumer types and levels of knowledge.   Our strategy was rooted in bringing the product and brand experience to the forefront, resulting in a cohesive concept that was vibrant, colorful and dynamic. We developed a pattern system to signify product categories with intuitive versioning for educating a less experienced consumer. We also created bold graphic assets along with an icon system to communicate dosage and effect. Their entire product portfolio delivers a kaleidoscope of color, flavor and energy that extends beyond packaging to digital dispensary menus, product cards and other print collateral.