National Entrepreneurship Month Spotlight:

The digital space is a place we all know and love. We live and breathe it. The importance of communicating digitally is advancing with new ways to make your life easier. Jeff Hamel, owner of [BOSTag](, is continuously striving to achieve the ease of managing your communication while serving clients at the same time. His team created a chat-based communications app that allows users to combine their personal, professional and extracurricular activities all on one platform. Not only does this platform give users unique access to all of the information shared in the conversations, they will also have access to micro-applications (BOSTags) that take the conversations beyond mere chat.

So what does this mean? BOSTag gives users the tools they need to streamline the management of their communications and gives clients the ability to reach the users where they want to be reached and how they want to be reached. BOSTag is realizing a new vision of communications applications that is far more productive and impactful than anything currently available.

Take a glimpse inside his business and what he would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs.

#### What inspired you to start your business?

Over the years, as a consultant engaged to design and implement software solutions for many organizations from medium to fortune 100-sized companies, I felt that software is “assembled” much like the way cobblers made shoes long ago. Cobblers pulled out one piece of leather at a time and “cobbled” together a shoe. We behaved in a similar manner when building complex systems.

This is not a reflection on our professionalism. We took the tools available to us at the time, along with the best available methodologies (together with our own personal “modifications” to these methodologies), and we delivered excellent solutions that our clients were happy with. However, these were not the best solutions available “in theory.”

After a lot of research, I determined that there was a small and easily identifiable problem with software development. There was a virus gumming up the works and that virus had a name-humans. Humans are basically terrible as authors of complex software solutions. Software is tedious and we are not efficient when dealing with tedium among many other problems that are too numerous to mention. The original inspiration for my software company was to find a way to remove the human from the loop when developing complex software solutions.

#### How do you remain inspired?

When you have a goal that you believe in, inspiration is easy. The simple answer is that I believe.

#### What advice would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do your homework. Do enough research that you can, using logic and not emotion; see the path from where you are now to your first major goal. In addition, form a team around you and annoy the hell out of them with endless questions to extract their opinions and points of view, even when you already “think” that you know the answer and it is the 20th time that you have asked the same question. Most importantly, keep working. There is always one more thing that you can get done before you turn in.

#### Who do you find is your biggest supporter?

No question, family, close friends and your team. At the end of the day, their payoff of this ideas’ success means more to me then my own personal payoff. Family and friends sacrifice with you while supporting you. Unless you are a hopeless narcissist, this is pretty special. It helps keep you going when it’s 3 a.m. and you are up against your next major deadline.

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