Marketing rules

In the world of marketing and strategic planning, these tried and true rules are easy to comprehend but difficult to follow. Yet, by adhering to their simplicity, you’ll find your marketing team runs more efficiently and effectively.

1. ####Violently resist the urge to overcomplicate
We humans are complicated. Especially when we work in groups. Everyone likes to focus on the optimal solution, often without paying attention to considerations like budget, timeframes, resources.

Next time you are in a group planning session, try to remind yourself (and your team members) to bring things back to “simple.” Over-complication leads to swirl and fatigue. Always opt for simple.

2. ####Good. Cheap. Fast. You can only choose two. Always.
The almighty rule of the Project Management Triangle. Teams, management, clients, individuals – they always want all three. Rest assured, it is not possible. You will always have to sacrifice one leg of this triangle in order to get the other two. Choose wisely to meet your business objectives. Know what you are sacrificing and the strategic reasons you are doing so.

3. ####Hope is not a strategy
If you have a nagging feeling about a gap in your business plan or strategy, don’t “hope” it will work itself out.

Keep working that issue until you have a solution. Bring in outside resources. Assemble a task force. Focus the team on the tough issue. Get creative, get scrappy. But don’t ignore it, or it will become the top item on your “lessons learned” list.

What are the unbreakable rules you instill with your staff and business culture? Let us know on Twitter via @IntrinzicSays.