Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are everywhere these days. Whether you currently use them or are looking into using them, here are a few quick tips to boost your success:

1. ####Know your market
Each market responds differently to email marketing campaigns. Be aware of their day-to-day operations or what issues matter to them most. Set Google Alerts to help curate timely and relevant content. This will better connect you with your market.

2. ####Be wary of sending too many emails
No one likes when their inbox is bombarded with hundreds of emails. Sending more than three a month is a sure fire way to guarantee someone will click “unsubscribe.”

3. ####Find the right time
People read emails at different times of the day. There are many different thoughts on when is the best time to send campaigns. I don’t think there is a definitive “best time” to send an email. Rather, it’s ever changing so keep up to date on recent studies. According to MailChimp, it seems the best time is midweek after lunch but before 5 p.m. when the workday is winding down.

4. ####Set attainable goals
Don’t get discouraged if 100 percent (or even 50 percent) of subscribers don’t open your emails. Constant Contact provides a table showing industry averages for email campaigns. This is a great baseline for open, click and bounce rates.

5. ####Check to see if emails are mobile-friendly
With so many people opening emails on their phone or tablet, it is crucial that your email campaigns are dynamic and scalable. You want to make these easy and fun for your subscribers.

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