Developing a pitch

Pitching for the business? New business meetings can be a delicate dance between agency and prospective client. Pitches usually are a combination of an agency’s capabilities mixed in with recommendations for the prospective client, delivered in a way to showcase the agency’s expertise, personality and passion for the work. But these meetings are more than just a showcase for the agency; they’re a chance for both parties to interview each other to see if the relationship is a good fit.

Here are three questions you should consider asking the prospective client to ensure the work works for both parties.

###What did you like/not like about working with previous agencies?
This question can yield some great insights into understanding why things failed or succeeded in the past. Many times, agencies assume clients are seeking new talent because they were unhappy with the previous agency’s creative, but things like account service, billing issues or even personality fit can all be factors. It’s good to know how the prospective client prioritizes key issues.

###Who has the type of campaign/program/level of awareness that you’d like to see your company have?
This question is a great conversation starter for understanding client expectations. It also sets the stage for the budget conversation.

###With whom in your company would we work?
Ideally, the answer to this question shows how much the client values the relationship. Most agencies are seeking to become true partners with their clients, not just vendors who report in to a single point of contact. If the answer to this question is only one person, it should be the CEO.

What other questions give you insight into your prospective clients?

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