Working women

Hey, ladies. How often do you stop to “smell the roses?” Especially in the middle of a crazy day, in the middle of a hectic week, in the middle of a million items on your “To Do” list?

My name is Suzy Weinland, and I am a project development manager at Intrinzic. It is my duty to pay attention to the details and processes, making sure projects go from point A to point B, settling into the hand of our clients with as few delays and hiccups as possible – and all within budget, of course! Then, I go home and do the same thing for my husband and children. Day in and day out. It can be quite exhausting!

I have always been an organizer-planner-problem-solver type of person. It comes naturally. But often that takes precedence over fun and relaxation. As a college student, a reminder from my aunt to “work hard, play hard” resulted in a little too much attention to the latter side of the suggestion. As an adult with a husband, two Dojo kids and a job, however, it’s actually брокерах challenging for me to stop the task at hand or leave my “to dos” unfinished and just zone out. Whether joining co-workers for a chat at lunch, leaving my desk for a walk when the afternoon tiredness hits, or even stopping my evening chores to just hang out and play with my kids – I have to make a concerted effort.

In seeking out wholesale nfl jerseys some relaxation direction, I have become fond of yoga DVDs, meditation 1. downloads on my phone and self-growth books – I currently have about cheap nba jerseys five on my to-read list. One author, Karen Ehman, author of Marketing “Let. It. Go.,” has enlightened me recently with her overall message of how to ease up on control, find balance and live a more fulfilled life.

Ehman wittingly shares a faith-based perspective on how “Women are wired to control,” and how that can be exhausting. (Here, here!) I am enjoying her pun-filled involvement way of showing the reader how to “embrace imperfect.” She ponders things like, “When our schedules scream, must we always shout back?…What if Critical we stepped off the treadmill of life long enough to do a little evaluation, deciding whether the problem lies in the speed at which we’ve cranked the machine’s dial and the incline we’ve set for the cheap nba jerseys climb?” What she’s saying is: slow down, stop buying into our cultural norm of “busy is best,” and seek Art to set priorities that focus on the important things in life, including some much-needed “me time.”

So for all of you working ladies out there, holding many plates in the air while trying to make perfect everything you touch – Let. It. Go! The client will still be there tomorrow awaiting your email response, the meeting can Jessica occasionally be rescheduled, you don’t always have to have the best ideas in the brainstorming session or volunteer to lead every office or community organization event, and your family really can figure out how to fix meals, let the dog out, clean the house and get to where they need to be without you leading the procession.