In pursuit of inspiration:

By Dillon Wray, Design Co-op

Wondering where your motivation has gone? Don’t stress. It always makes things worse.

Stress is the problem I encounter when I run out of juice. Working and being in school, I have to look for inspiration everywhere and block out those moments where I feel lost.

Scouting out inspiration doesn’t have to mean looking at designer Pinterest boards or pulling images from Google. It’s important to be able to see inspiration around you everyday. Here are three inspirational avenues I explore when seeking to spark creativity:

###3-D Form
Growing up, my first passion was architecture. It’s no longer my major, but I still find it to be one of the most interesting fields. I constantly scour [blogs]( and [Tumblr](, pulling inspiration from the texture of the façade, the forms of the building and detail work that gives it unique style. I do this because it’s not a chore. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed analyzing.

###Audio Inspiration
Music is also a huge part of my life. You’ll always find me in headphones. [When you find music that truly speaks to you](, it opens your mind. For me, finding music that resonates allows my brain to think more abstractly and I can easily apply that thinking to my work. When I want to add a hint of sentiment to my work, this approach helps me to tune into that emotion.

###Field Trips
You’re never too old to get away for a day. Even [a few hour field trip is a great escape]( when you can squeeze it into your schedule. Getting out of my normal routine allows me to think more creatively and pushes me outside of the box. Nothing is more relaxing than leaving my computer to go hang a hammock on some trees and think about where I am and where I need to go on current projects.

Inspirational exploration doesn’t end here. Ask yourself what you can do to discover inspiration in everyday life. I recommend selecting three avenues in life you enjoy and using them to make this step in the creative process as seamless as possible.