Seasonal Connections:

After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones, I am both excited and discouraged for the most wonderful time of the year to be upon us…Why? Because most of my time spent with family, looked a bit [like this]( Now, it is funny to look at these images and think how ridiculous it is, but it brought to my attention, my own use of my cell phone and how it affects the connections I make (or miss) on a daily basis.

While technology is an incredible tool and something that allows us to connect with people in ways we never dreamed imaginable, it has also drastically affected our ability to connect with the people right in front of us on a daily basis. Sure, I am now “connected with” Lebron James and the CEO of Nike on a daily basis, when pre-iPhone I hardly knew their names, but I also leave a Thanksgiving meal without knowing my little sister’s best friend’s name or what she is struggling with right now in the midst of her teenage years.

In a 2014 study named [The iPhone Effect]( scientists examined the quality of “real-life in-person” conversations and the effect of the presence of mobile devices. It was found that within a 10-minute in-person conversation that those individuals who had their cell phone in their hand or on the table showed less empathy, while those conversations held without a mobile device present were rated “significantly superior.”

So, why does all of this matter? Well, here at [Intrinzic]( we believe in the power of human connections. We believe in the spark that brings people and organizations together through shared interests, common beliefs and emotional bonds. And I personally believe there is no better time than the holiday season to ignite a spark through good ole’ fashion conversation. So, put your iPhone down, take your headphones out and lift your eyes up from your iPad.

Enjoy the beautiful sights this time of year offers, have a real conversation with those you love or even make a new connection with someone new you see on the street or in the store. Whatever you do, don’t let “the most wonderful time of the year” pass you by without taking advantage of the opportunity to make human connections that may last a lifetime.

We look forward to connecting with you this holiday season!