Social Media for Businesses:

Social media has taken over our every day interactions. Now, more than ever, businesses are fully aware they must be present on the social channels most relevant to their clientele. When it comes to social media management, questions often arise…“Do I have to be on every social network? How do I engage my audience? How can I get the most bang for my buck (and my highly valued time)?”

If you’re trying to [sort your way through the clouds of conversation]( to social media success, it may be time to seek help. If one of the following thoughts has crossed your mind, it’s time to collaborate.

#### 1. Hashtag…what?
When navigating the road to social media strategy, you realize [you need a roadmap]( You know the basics, but you’re a bit puzzled when it comes to topics like when to use a hashtag, how to build an engaged following or what to measure against business goals. Additionally, you may wonder what platforms your business should activate, how often to post, what times of day are best for publication and how social interactions contribute to your bottom line. If so, it’s time to collaborate to create a solid social media strategy.

#### 2. It’s tough to crank out the content.
Pillars aren’t just for construction. They’re a key part of savvy social media conversations. You may not be sure how content pillars relate to your business. When creating a social media strategy, a partner can help you establish content pillars–essentially, the key subjects you should touch on when posting. By taking a deep dive into your industry and the competitive landscape, a partner can help you identity areas in which you should have a voice and can own as an expert. These pillars will guide your content choices, making content creation smoother.

#### 3. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
You’re busy. We get it. You’re balancing the countless demands of the business. You don’t have time to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in the social media world, like how Facebook’s latest algorithm change will dramatically lower your page’s reach or how to determine if the newest social networks, like Periscope or Snapchat, are right for your business.

#### 4. There’s not enough of me to go around.
You’re wondering how you or your team can manage posting a regular drumbeat of quality content. In order to be effective and make a mark with your audience, you will need regular content. Posting willy-nilly will not cut it. Partnering allows you to divide and conquer. With an extra set of hands and an additional brilliant brain, a partner can develop regular social media content for you, handle the actual act of posting and even do the community management.

#### 5. My account needs a beauty boost.
Not in love with the quality of images or videos you post? Worried your thumbnail or timeline image is a little too pixelated? Tempted to pull imagery from Google because you lack original images? These questions are important as [visual content is now king]( From establishing guidelines for a consistent look and feel to hosting a photo shoot to capture of library of show-stopping imagery, having a partner will help you combat the beauty blues, especially when it comes to optimizing for platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

#### 6. My, my money – Should I put dollars into the game?
You know that boosted content on Facebook, promoted pins on Pinterest and sponsored posts on Twitter and LinkedIn are real things, but have no idea how to go about establishing an advertising strategy. You might be unsure whether investing actual dollars into the social media game is worth it. An expert partner can help you establish a budget within your means, decide which messages are worth boosting, take you through the process and connect performance back to business results.

Can you relate to one, a few or all of the above?

While presence on social media is free, measurable success takes an investment of time, expertise and an advertising budget (even the most conservative ad spend is a good place to start). Learn more about [the importance of social media marketing](

Have additional questions regarding social media for your business? Share your thoughts below.