MVAH Partners, LLC was a young company that had experienced a significant business transformation over the last few years. Formerly affiliated with Miller-Valentine Group, the company branched out on their own and quickly established themselves as a prominent affordable housing developer with a growing nationwide footprint. While they wanted to create some separation and emerge as their own unique entity, it was important for them to make sure the credibility and reputation they had built as part of Miller-Valentine Group remained. With their passion for helping people, improving lives and building strong, enduring communities, they needed a new visual and verbal identity that positioned them as a different kind of development firm, and elevated the lasting value they deliver with every project and partnership.
MVAH had a powerful story to tell about their people-centered development approach, and the
commitment, creativity, and compassion they bring to their work. But their message needed to rise
above the unique challenges and misperceptions of the affordable housing landscape-general skepticism, distrust of developers and their intentions, the NIMBY mindset, resident resistance, and red tape, all things that had to be understood and carefully considered.

To express their vision and impact in a believable, authentic way, the company called on Intrinzic to help develop a new brand and messaging foundation, along with a new name that captured the spirit and mission of the organization: Pivotal Housing Partners. From there, our challenge was building a strategy to bring their brand to life in a way that would connect with communities, partnerships, and individuals from all walks of life.

From residents to lenders, investors, community leaders, and collaborators, people are the beating heart of their process. We were inspired by this idea of a collective group building success together, working to create more opportunities for more people, which leads to more value, acceptance, and stability within communities. We were also inspired by their mission to improve lives, elevate communities and propel positive impact long term. They go beyond helping people. They’re also helping to build the vital human infrastructure that’s essential to any strong community, and that’s a powerful part of their story.
Our goal was to bring to life a visual and messaging strategy that showcased the passion, pride, and purpose in their work. The new name represents their dedication to improve the lives of residents, and to create thriving, healthy communities that deliver inclusive and sustainable prosperity for decades to come. The attributes, value proposition, and key audience messaging formed the strategic foundation for the brand’s new look, tone, and feel. The rebrand also includes a new identity and visual system that comes to life across a new website, corporate collateral, and other branded materials, all of which celebrate the people at the core of their company, culture, and communities.
The new website needed to accommodate a lot of different audiences and objectives, so our strategy focused on thoughtful brand storytelling and a clear, intuitive user experience. In addition to showcasing the company’s story and capabilities, the site needed to perform as a tool for community building, funding, and a resident portal. It was also important for it to serve as a platform for education and awareness to provide clarity around some of the myths and misperceptions of affordable housing and elevate the true value it brings to communities. Our content and design needed to address all of these needs and functionality, while also making sure to bring their brand story and value proposition to the forefront. We brought the strategy to life through a fully-redesigned website that’s simple and intuitive, and highlights their true points of differentiation as an affordable housing development partner.


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