Project management:

By Kelli Haller, Account Manager

As a blossoming account manager at Intrinzic, I’ve picked up a thing or two. Projects can easily be derailed, however I’ve found four keys to successful project management that I hope you find useful.

###Get organized
Projects, big and small, are full of little details. Things can go wrong, tasks need to be accounted for and, of course, the client needs some attention too. It’s important to be organized, so details don’t go unnoticed. Be sure to have a list of clear deliverables, so you know exactly what everyone should be doing. Trust me when I tell you, the client will be much more at ease knowing you’re organized.

###Always have a plan B
In any planning situation, something is bound to not work out the way you envisioned. I’ll never forget my neighbor who spent thousands of dollars landscaping his yard for his daughter’s outdoor wedding, and on the big day it rained. Lesson: secondary options are always good to have in your back pocket in case disaster strikes. Although I must say, it’s been fifteen plus years and his yard is still immaculate.

###Know your team
It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and involve them when appropriate. There is nothing worse than having too many cooks in the kitchen. However, knowing your team’s capabilities is vital when project planning and can help take your project to a whole new level. This is an often-overlooked aspect of successful project management.

This may seem elementary, but communication is key; lose it and you’re locked out. Your team will always want to know what is going on and how the project is going, so tell them.

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