Presentation success

Presentation success is crucial in the agency world. We are continuously sharing creative concepts and final work products with our clients and colleagues. No matter what your agency role, you will have to present work in some shape or form.

Presenting in front of a group can be intimidating. All eyes are on you. You hope you can effectively communicate and find the right words to illustrate your purpose. You hope you don’t stumble over your sentences. You hope you are charismatic and a bit entertaining in order to avoid boring the entire group.

Here are four quick tips to remember next time you have a major presentation:

###Be prepared
Complete the presentation and finalize your materials at least 24 hours prior to the meeting so you can spend that time fine-tuning your delivery. Plus, you’ll have time to let the content marinate. As part of presentation prep, be sure to test all necessary equipment (e.g., computer hookup, projectors, audio speakers, etc.).

###Look great
Pick out an outfit that says “professional,” but also speaks to your personal and company brand. Also, know what attire the client expects.

My “look great” bonus tip: When dressing, be cautious of exposing too much of your neck and chest. When people are nervous during a presentation, their necks blotch up. This is an obvious, outward indicator to everyone that you are nervous, flustered or worked up.

###Arrive early
Arrive at the presentation destination early. Set up any necessary equipment and give yourself time to relax. Take a couple breaths before having to meet and greet.

###Remember eye contact
During the presentation, be sure to kill it with eye contact. Believe it or not, there are many people in this world who are uncomfortable making eye contact. Remember, if you can appropriately make eye contact during your presentation, it goes a long way in displaying confidence.

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