Office entertaining

Entertaining and good ole hospitality is one thing we take pride in at Intrinzic. We believe in putting our best foot forward and that’s why we put extra thought into making client experiences special.

Recently, we had an opportunity to celebrate our new brand launch with clients, partners and contacts. After several months of going through the branding process ourselves, we were proud to show off what we developed, and we did just that at a delightful patio party right outside our office at Newport on the Levee. (Missed the party? Be sure to check out the highlight video here.)

Speaking of workplace parties… The act of breaking bread and sharing conversation over a drink bonds us. It breaks down barriers and introduces us to others we might not know well outside of the conference room. Essentially, a tastefully executed cocktail party enhances relationships. (At office parties, it’s always assumed you’ll be on your best behavior and drink responsibly.)

Ready to grow your workplace hospitality skills and impress your contacts? Follow these tips when entertaining in the office:

###Stock your cabinets
Have the right supplies on hand. Serving trays, colorful bowls, utensils and real drinking glasses are a must. Even consider cloth napkins for an extra touch. Try places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Target to find affordable serving pieces to match your existing office décor. These items will come together nicely when putting out a spread for a client meeting, happy hour or company potluck.

###Know your guests
Whether it’s a client or an internal celebration, know who you will be serving and what types of refreshments are appropriate. For example, if you’re hosting a 3 pm client meeting and want to provide an afternoon snack, go for a balanced, tasteful approach. Do sweet and salty. Think nuts, fruit and cheese. Always go classy. That means no Cheetos or Oreos. Well, unless the client has mentioned that he or she adores them. Lastly, remember appropriate drink options. Water, tea, coffee, soft drinks… and possibly wine, depending on the crowd. In the end, make a list of the things you think your guests will appreciate and go shopping.

###Arrange beautifully
Once you have picked up the refreshments, plan your tableware. Be mindful of how you arrange the refreshments. Pull out those lovely pieces you picked up at TJ Maxx, Home Goods or Target and go to town. Mix colors. Mix heights. Layer dishes. Think about the visual appeal of the arrangement. Place all refreshments out in the meeting space. Consider locating a drink station off to the side but strategically place snacks so that they entice your guests. Be sure not to interfere with the flow of the gathering.

Put these tips into practice and I promise your clients will notice the extra attention you put toward making your interaction special.

What are some ways you entertain in the office – internally or for clients? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter via @IntrinzicSays.