CINCINNATI (August 17, 2017) — Intrinzic’s president, Dave Townsend has been selected to speak at the 2017 Ignite! Regional Conference presented by the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati). Dave will be featured under the “Behavior – Spark to Light it Up” track on Friday, September 22.

“We are excited to collaborate with our colleagues from the Cincinnati area marketing community to help Ignite! attendees gain insight into what it takes to create a more involving and sustainable customer experience,” Townsend said. “By sharing our perspective and knowledge that comes from working with culture-driven brands across a wide spectrum of industries, we hope to inspire new thinking.”

This year’s conference will focus on the heart of the marketing matter – customer experience. Intrinzic team members are frequent presenters at marketing events regionally and are eager to be featured at the inaugural Ignite! conference.

Intrinzic is a woman-owned company that is focused on helping companies take a holistic view of brand, allowing our clients to capitalize on the unique collaboration they have between their organizations and the marketplace. This collaboration results in exceptional execution in brand development, content creation, social media, public relations, digital marketing and advertising.

About Ignite! Regional Conference
Ignite! Regional Conference, hosted by AMA Cincinnati, will be held on Friday, September 22. The event consists of marketing expert speakers as well as workshops and networking sessions that will enlighten attendees on customer experience. To learn more or to register for Ignite! please visit: