Music inspiration:

Two weeks ago, I received an out of the blue offer to go to Washington DC for the [Landmark Music Festival]( I had 24 hours notice, and said, “yes,” immediately. Over the course of 48 hours and 1,000 miles traveled, I had an experience that reminded me why I love my career as a graphic designer.

There’s something about live music that makes people forget their differences and enjoy the moment. There’s power in moments like that — when people are brought together by understandings and shared experiences. Branding and music festivals, while seemingly very different things, start to relate for me through the idea of human connection.

As a designer, I want to create [relevant experiences]( for people. Even the most mundane project started with an important goal or idea that needs to be communicated. In branding, designers, strategists, copyrighters and clients work together to create something that captures and communicates the vivid spark. That spark distinguishes the company from others in the market.

Just like at a music festival, an [audience must be engaged]( At Intrinzic, our goal is create work people find relatable, captivating and genuinely interesting.

Think back…what experiences have you had this year that provided lessons you carry back with you to the office? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter via [@IntrinzicSays](