It’s not the equipment, it’s the story

In today’s world, technology moves at an unimaginable rate. Less than a year after you buy a phone or computer, there’s a new, faster version out. The video world is no exception. Even if you don’t have the newest version, your camera doesn’t have all the features you want or you can’t afford a certain lens, don’t let that be an excuse for not accomplishing your goals. Keep making art with what you have on hand.

###You don’t need it
Don’t get me wrong… you do need the basics. You obviously can’t make a video without a camera and a lens. You might be surprised by what you can shoot with the cell phone in your pocket (like this video, shot entirely on an iPhone 5s.) As long as you have a camera, lens and a creative eye, you can create compelling videos that people will love. This beautiful documentary by Kendy Ty, shot on a sub-$500 DSLR and a single lens, is a true testament to that.

###No more excuses
Many of us are guilty of putting off a project until we have the resources needed. Before falling into this trap, stop and think, “Will this ever happen if I put it off?” More often than not, the answer is “no.” Instead of waiting for the perfect time to start a project, make do with the resources on hand.

###Constantly create
The key to improving your craft, whatever it may be, is to keep creating and experimenting. Only through trial and error will you learn where you excel and where you need to spend more time. Don’t be afraid to go on and produce the amazing idea you’ve had for years. It might not turn out exactly how you imaged, but you will learn from the process. I think this video, incorporating an interview with Ira Glass, sums it up pretty well. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You’ve got nothing to lose!

So once again: it’s not the equipment you have, it’s the story you tell. With that in mind, get out and press record!

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