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Strong brand strategy can take a company from good to great to iconic. At Intrinzic, we love helping companies [craft their brands]( In spirit of the Fourth of July, we asked our team what companies come to mind when they think of American brands that embody the patriotic spirit. Some brands were brought up repetitively, while other responses were unique.

### Food/Beverage

> “[Coca-Cola]( – it’s an iconic all-American brand.”

*[Wendy Vonderhaar](/team/wendy-vonderhaar/), CEO*

> “I think of [McDonald’s]( Even though they are located all over the world, I think of the hamburgers, fries and shakes as so utterly American. In fact, when I travel internationally, I will often seek out the McDonald’s for a taste of home. Even though I rarely eat McDonald’s while in America, when I’ve been in China or Europe and was a bit overwhelmed with the new and unfamiliar, I’d head to the Golden Arches to be ‘so American.’”

*[Carrie Phillippi](/team/carrie-phillippi/), Public Relations Director*

### Automobiles

> “There are many brands that slap a stars and stripes logo on their products and call themselves an American brand. Too often, these efforts come off as phony as a U.S. flag sticker made overseas. But [Jeep](, even though I will acknowledge it’s now a brand owned by Italians, does a great job of capturing its heritage as, quite literally a veteran of several wars. The [recent TV spots]( unveiled at this year’s Super Bowl were an emotive way to capture the brand’s American heritage.”

*[Rob Pasquinucci](, Content Strategist*

> “[Jeep](Jeep) is patriotic at its core. Consumers associate Jeep with providing reliable transportation to soldiers in times of war. The Jeep brand continues to utilize this association.”

*Savannah Heekin, Design Apprentice*

> “I think [Jeep]( is a great example of a try American/patriotic brand … shows craftsmanship, authenticity, and grit within the brand.”

*[Sarah Yanito](/team/sarah-yanito/), Account Manager*

> “It doesn’t make a lot of best brand lists, but I think [Dodge Ram]( does embody the spirit of Americana. There’s no greater evidence than their [‘Farmer’ Super Bowl commercial](”

*[Jenn Reigert](/team/jennifer-riegert/), Account Director*

> “When I think of a American brands, [Ford]( instantly comes to mind. Ford represents the American dream and an age of innovation that forever changed the way we travel.”

*[Sarah Petracco](/team/sarah-petracco/), Senior Account Manager*

### Apparel

> “[Levi’s]( is the all-time quintessential American brand. Founded by Levi Strauss in 1853 in San Francisco during the Gold Rush providing quality goods for all those in hope for prosperity and a better future, then becoming synonymous with the American rugged wild west pioneering spirit in the 1930’s, and today with their “Go Forth” campaign based on the iconic words of the American poet Walt Whitman, the brand has always represented the gusto, hardworking, can-do attitude of the American people that has overcome so much, defined by moments of bravery and hope for a brighter future. ”

*[Sarah Eisenman](/team/sarah-eisenman/), Associate Design Director*

> “For my Americana/patriotic brand, I’m going with [Levi Strauss & Co.]( (because what’s more American than the blue jean?!) A brand fueled by strong values, creativity and hard work, Levi Strauss & Co. make it a priority to create only the best product in a sustainable way. They are proud of their American heritage and continue to dream big while pushing innovation in their products.”

*Courtney Morgan,* Senior Graphic Designer

> “There’s nothing more American than jeans. And nothing more jeans, than [Levi Strauss](”

*[Jon Clements](/team/jon-clements/), Account Director*

> “[Levis Strauss & Co.]( – Levis Strauss invented the blue jean. It is the quintessential American garment. Americana has been carried through Levi’s Brand mission, vision, values, culture and look for over 140 years.”

*[Katie Peters](/team/katie-peters/), Account Director*

### Other Industries

> “[Standard Textile](, because they are forging new ground by thinking of innovative ways to keep manufacturing jobs in America.”

*[Wendy Vonderhaar](/team/wendy-vonderhaar/), CEO*

> “Our very own [client](, the [National Spelling Bee](, is certainly a slice of Americana. They represent the potential that has always been part of the American spirit. Over the years, the spelling bee has become part of popular culture. Plus, the national finals on ESPN are oddly riveting entertainment. I can’t stop watching these brilliant kids work their way through words most of us never knew existed.”

*[Dave Townsend](/team/dave-townsend/), President*

> “I want to highlight a non-profit brand; [the Armed Services](, as the most patriotic brand. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy are the true definition of patriotism. I think it’s appropriate to not only recognize why they do what they do for our country, but thank them all for their service.”

*[Sarah Kunce](, Design Director*

Above are all great examples or brands that show the true American spirit. Brands that tell an emotional-evoking story make an impact and are loved by many. What do you think are the most beloved American brands?

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