Inspiration Tips

Staying inspired is easier said than done. When you get in that inspiration rut, follow these five tips to stay inspired.

Have a Glass of Wine
####1. Have a Glass of Wine
Studies have shown that while alcohol may impede memory and awareness, it simultaneously increases our ability for creative problem solving. Sometimes you just need to let yourself unwind and get those ideas flowing!

Learn Something New
####2. Learn Something New
One way to get myself out of a creative rut is to learn something new! Many of my ideas come from what I’ve learned through new discoveries and adventures. New knowledge, skills and understandings are a constant source of inspiration. Whether I’m reading a book or a magazine, or even learning to knit on YouTube, knowledge is like a little energy drink for my brain.

Have An Actual Conversation
####3. Have an Actual Conversation…with a real person
Don’t get me wrong, I check my Instagram at least eight times a day, but putting down the phone and having conversations can do wonders for my imagination and well-being. In the agency world, sometimes talking through the problem at-hand and re-framing the challenges with another person can offer a new insight or perspective on how to solve it. Even talking about something entirely off-topic can be just the mental break you may need to feel refreshed, and thinking of new ideas.

Become a Collector
####4. Become a Collector
People like to poke fun at me for holding on to things, but sometimes you just never know what might inspire a great idea. Flipping through old records, magazines or even your collection of pet-rocks can lead to a great idea. Often, when I’m feeling stuck on a project, I’ll look through ideas that may not have worked for others. This not only takes off the pressure to reinvent the wheel with each new challenge, but also allows other ways of thinking or finding inspiration.

Move and Groove
####5. Move and Groove
Exercise and music are fail-proof ways to feel refreshed and reinvigorated. The science stuff that happens when you get those endorphins rushing and blood flowing is quite real and beneficial. Just five minutes outside boosts your mental health. You can have a conversation with a co-worker, while taking a walk or jamming to the latest hit together – it’s a win-win in the inspiration department!

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