New Business Coordinator

Intrinzic is hiring for a New Business Coordinator; a new role on the team— You are the definition of a go-getter! You are charismatic, captivating and ambitious with the skills to organize, grow and develop new business opportunities and manage the process from when it comes to the agency to helping close a deal that achieves measurable business goals for the agency. In addition to building lasting relationships with future clients, you love collaborating closely with coworkers in and out of the client strategy, visual strategy, finance department, and learn from them with every opportunity you touch. You are open to direction and feedback, yet are incredibly eager, driven and have a self-starter drive. You take initiative, question old ways, invent new ways and always are bringing your best-you to your team everyday. You are able to drive and directly impact the present and future state of the business by managing processes, relationships and communication. No matter the task at hand, you are self-motivated, reliable, accountable and have a crazy eye for detail and organization.

You will manage all business opportunities once they are in the door; developing a game plan, aligning a team, working through opportunities of various scope and sizes, helping with presentation prep, helping determine the scope of work and make winning business your top priority.

Functional Requirements
  • Superb organization skills and attention to detail

  • Desire to understand the needs of prospects and see them through from opportunity to closure with assistance and support from senior team members

  • Ability to build presentation decks and proposals with strong rationale and thinking along with executional details

  • Proficient in programs such as Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Keynote and shared Google documents

  • Exercise and maintain continuous quality assurance in the execution of all work

  • Demonstrate strong time-management skills, including the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

Communication Requirements
  • Ability to engage and collaborate cross-functionally with the account strategy team, design strategists and content strategist

  • Be professional, passionate and direct

  • Accept constructive feedback and input from senior team members and apply it

  • Work proactively and maintain frequent communication to ensure proper timing and deliverables are met

Leadership Requirements
  • Self-starter mentality that can build on old methods, develop new methods and have constant improvement and setting a higher bar

  • Strong team player with ability to perform, deliver, and learn through action

  • Coordinate and participate in new business meetings

  • Participate and help align internal team/groups

  • Build relationships with all team members, partners, vendors and future clients

Strategy Requirements
  • Grow to have a deep understanding of Intrinzic’s unique level of strategy as well as process and deliverables

  • Be able to sell and communicate our unique differences to prospective clients

  • Contribute to design thinking and strategy of agency initiatives when asked to participate

If you think you’d be a good fit for this role, please reach out via email at with a current resume.

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