Authentic, artisanal brands

Consumer trends have markets moving from global brands with standardized processes to small artisanal brands that are hand crafted out of local culture.

The global homogenizing of culture overall has increased the need for authentic identities and fueled a resurfacing of regional heritage. The desire for authenticity and truth have risen to the forefront of consumer needs, as well as the critical need for innovation. In today’s market, it will take addressing each of these needs to truly differentiate a brand and to form meaningful connections with consumers.

But what is authentic? And where do we find truth?

With large corporate brands using meaningless product claims such as “wholesome” and “all-natural,” finding authenticity and truth has become nearly impossible for consumers and marketers alike. The search for truth cannot come from examining the exterior of a brand but must come from an honest look within. Bring the truth of process and the unique culture of how and why the products are made to the forefront. Take the brand’s internal culture, motivations and passions and infuse them into the brand to create more meaningful and lasting consumer bonds. It also takes applying the crucial front line knowledge to help invent better products and more insightful strategies to surpass and outmaneuver the competition.

The need to submerse oneself into a brand’s culture from the inside out has helped moved innovation and design from the the hands of large corporations to smaller local hands with front line knowledge. It is the local hands who have fully experienced the brand’s culture, made personal connections with the products and are aware of the product origins that will ultimately build better brand solutions. This will allow for more authentic brand conversations to be had transforming today’s market and infusing local heritage.

Here at Intrinzic, our job is to delve into the depths of each company’s culture and to uncover the truth, resulting in the invention of authentic solutions and bringing forth the true essence of a brand.

As a branding professional or as a consumer, what brands come to mind or what do you look for when you seek out “authentic” products? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter via @IntrinzicSays.