Would You Be Mine, Design?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic of love is in the air. Valentine’s Day makes me think about my significant other, but it also brings to mind the work I’m most passionate about … graphic design. Design has always been important, but in today’s world, it is imperative. You can’t just have a good product. [Your product has to look good too](http://edgecore.com/the-importance-of-graphic-design/). I love being the person who helps decide what a brand’s first impression will be. But sometimes the long hours, blood, sweat and tears that we put into projects distracts us from the reasons we fell in love with designing in the first place.

Here are four reasons why design is a worthy Valentine:

#### 1. Your work impacts others.

Graphic design (or visual communication design) lets us express ourselves and convey information through visual snapshots. In particular, this job allows us to impact others. We get to create human connections with people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to connect with.

#### 2. You solve new challenges everyday.

No project is the same. Every project requires a different solution. This means that the learning never stops. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right design. It would be easier if there was a formula for design, but as a designer, it is that challenge to find the perfect balance of elements that pushes and challenges us just the right amount.

#### 3. Creativity is fulfilling.

Being a creative professional means that our day consists of inventing new ideas and solutions. Our imagination is always hard at work and our heart always feels fulfilled. We get to apply skills and knowledge to create quality art that will [inspire others](https://intrinzicbrands.com/clever-design-defined/).

#### 4. Motivation to improve comes with the job.

We are fortunate that money is not the only thing that motivates us. As a creative, we are highly competitive and motivated. Design’s ambiguous nature means that we are never satisfied and are always hungry to improve. Putting a unique creative spin on a project creates an insatiable appetite for new ways to inspire our work.

My parents always said, “ Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” I am fortunate to be able to pursue a career in something that I am truly passionate about and has such an impact on the world around me. Every day, I come into work and am challenged and inspired to create meaningful and thoughtful designs.

What or who is worthy of being of being your Valentine? Comment below to join the conversation.