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Allan Myers is a nearly billion-dollar construction company responsible for building the roads, bridges and pipelines that connect our communities to services, clean water and each other. Over the last few decades, the company has acquired many construction and materials companies, creating the largest civil construction and materials company in the mid-Atlantic region. It is a family business rich in history and heritage, and the organization possesses a rare sense of pride, determination and a brotherhood that has led to its tremendous success.
Leadership came to Intrinzic at an important point in the company’s growth. During its rapid growth, the 75-year-old company had acquired many new construction and materials companies across the region. This led to siloed business units and a long list of different corporate names and organizational cultures. As Allan Myers’ projects grew in scale, the company needed to unify as one organization, under one name.
When Intrinzic immersed itself into the amazing culture of this organization, we saw something few companies ever have: an ethic, ambition and fearless attitude that spread from the top of the organization all the way to the front lines. This ethic was our inspiration, and capturing it fully was our greatest challenge. We saw something in Allan Myers that reminded us of another great institution: the Marines. Their fearlessness and willingness to run toward challenges became the inspiration for everything we created.
Our collaboration and role with the rebranding of this company was broad and sweeping, including everything from extensive organizational cultural research, brand strategy development, brand story, naming, identity and logo development, and the implementation of the new name and brand across every single touch point. One of the most critical aspects of this new brand was the extensive brand rollout and training to more than 2,000 employees. This phase of the project was most important in making the new brand a true driver of the culture of the organization, impacting every aspect of customer experience, employee practices, training and evaluation, leadership and company events and internal/external communications.