AAA Travel

AAA is a heritage brand with a significant number of diverse and sometimes conflicting business lines competing for member attention. As a company originally focused on roadside assistance, their many acquisitions and product expansions led to a complex organization with many silos and little consistency in messaging/benefits for prospects and members.
AAA came to Intrinzic to help focus the organization by building a unified brand story, product architecture and cohesive and highly valued member experience.
We led the organization through an extensive process of discovery and modeling, helping leadership identify the core value proposition of the brand and apply it to every aspect of their organizational structure, communication/messaging and experience.
Our partnership with AAA was wholly transformative, impacting every channel, every location, every point of communication – crossing from call center to direct marketing, from signage and social media to the way members are treated when they walk into retail locations. While the new architecture is still rolling out, AAA has seen sales in one of their most important product categories – insurance – increase more than 16% Y/Y. This has been directly attributed to focused member messaging, providing a clear value proposition for cross-selling multiple services.