Channeling Influence into Action: The Tocqueville Society

The Greater Cincinnati region is fortunate to have so many individuals and businesses who make a commitment to our community. And while many of us are familiar with the great work of the United Way, fewer are familiar with one of its member-driven organizations, The Tocqueville Society.

The Tocqueville Society is an alliance of successful, community-minded leaders who not only make substantial financial investments in the United Way, but also commit to helping the organization achieve its goals. The Greater Cincinnati chapter is one of the largest in the country, with more than 900 local members.

Intrinzic and our founder, Wendy Vonderhaar, have been involved with the Tocqueville Society for several years. As chair of the marketing committee, Wendy and the Intrinzic team led the Tocqueville Society through a successful branding initiative, including the development of a vision statement – Channeling Influence into Action. The statement represents the passion of the society’s members who are driven to do more than simply “write a check;” they harness their influence and leadership status to have a broader impact on our community.

Wendy, who has been a member of the society for more than five years, was recently honored as one of the Tocqueville Society’s “100 Heroes” for her dedication and contributions. She is one of the many members of this powerful organization who is doing more than “leaving a legacy;” she’s using her leadership to “live her legacy.”

Intrinzic recently produced an informational video about the Tocqueville Society to help educate the community and attract new members. See it here and visit the Tocqueville Society to learn more.