Dave Townsend



With 30 years racked up in this business, there is only one thing Dave admits to knowing for sure – that a great culture beats any kind of planning. Culture becomes your brand and your brand is your culture. Period.

Dave’s career is been about learning, and collecting ideas from the best in the business. He has been part of counsel brands ranging from Anheuser-Busch, Trans World Airlines, Disney, Tide, Ethyl Chemical, Folgers, Square D, among too many others to count. This purposefully, broad-based experience has helped him to become a culture driven leader, a business problem solver, as well as a change management resource.

I am an unapologetic champion of collaboration because I have seen the impact it can have on a company and on the people who chose to actively participate in it. Yes, it is hard, messy and inherently inefficient, but it is worth the effort – every time.

He continues to spend most of his time ensuring all the pieces to “the puzzle” fit together – and remaining constructively discontent in his approach to the world.