Veronica Otto



Maintaining relevance in an ever-changing world is critical to brands. Veronica has helped to build brands from the inside out by focusing on what is important to internal and external stakeholders.

Discovery is a lifelong process that can lead you down many paths. Finding paths that are true – both personally and professionally will reveal unique experiences and insights that become part of your DNA… While marketing services and products, we’re in the business of building authentic connections with our customers from the inside out. The journey is what motivates and amazes me – especially the collaboration between our team of creative thinkers and awesome clients.

Partnering with clients over the last 20 years to define, create and deliver strategic marketing touch-points for a broad portfolio of brands, Veronica has gained valuable experience in managing projects seamlessly through the entire process. Veronica graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BBA in Strategic Design & Management. She is a tennis enthusiast and adventurous home chef, often competing with her partner in both categories for best-in-class!