VYA Simplified Marketing Systems


Vya, formerly known as Docustar, came to Intrinzic for help developing an inspiring new brand around their quickly evolving and fast-growing company. Vya was originally a digital printing company but evolved ahead of the fast-changing industry into a technology-based marketing resource management company. Vya created a highly unique space for itself by combining their advanced printing capabilities with cloud based tools to customize marketing and branding assets from anywhere in the world.


Vya's sophisticated mix of products and services required our combined teams to create a more progressive and meaningful name and identity for the company, along with a full brand positioning, goto market strategy, website and demand generation approach.


Uniquely, Vya's systems, people and culture was built to counter the complexity of the very complicated industry. The concept of simple, human based technology became the centerpiece of the entire brand vision and infiltrated every corner of the company, its culture, working environment, messaging, content, and powerful presence of this exciting new brand.


Developing a full suite of applications to promote the new brand, our teams came up with multiple avenues through which Vya was able to communicate their solidified approach. Digitally, in print, through video and email, the development of the new brand has reached multiple audiences.