TSC Apparel


TSC Apparel is a long-recognized industry supplier that has played a key role in developing the imprinted sportswear supply chain. The company serves small screen print and embroidery businesses.


TSC Apparel asked us to create promotional mailer series to highlight its fun T-shirt and apparel items and promote its new distribution center opening in Denver.


Using a storytelling approach, Intrinzic created a promotional strategy featuring three individual mailers with a progressive character storyline that unfolded throughout the mailings. The creative was inspired by typical Colorado hobbies (hikes and other outdoor activities). The campaign highlighted a key TSC Apparel benefit, announcing the new store location and including a direct call-to-action. The third and final mailer served as the grand finale piece with the climax point of the character story and gave the final announcement with the Denver store grand opening details. All this was presented in a fun, approachable illustration.


The mailers have been well received and contributed to a successful opening of the new distribution center. The client is excited to see where the story will take them next.