The Pub & Tavern Restaurant Group


The Pub is an authentic replica of the popular neighborhood drinking establishments that dot the many towns, cities and boroughs of Great Britain. With locations throughout the eastern United Sates, The Pub gives guests the opportunity to discover fine ales and lagers from the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA, in addition to single malt scotch, bourbon, wine and specialty cocktails.


The Pub has grown quickly, introducing its unique brand of British hospitality and experience to many new markets. The Pub came to Intrinzic to help capture the unique experience of the brand in a way that allowed them to quickly build a loyal following in each of their new market.


The Pub did not want to represent a Disney World version of the British experience. We saw something much richer. An opportunity to bring to life the European tradition of mashing modern and old world together. Our inspiration was Ralph Lauren, steeped in heritage, but always setting new trends. This led us to create an experience that was more than an environment, but a place where a modern craft beer has a place in the ancestral home of scotch whiskey.


Intrinzic created a rich and emotional brand narrative and design approach that considered and influenced every aspect of the brand experience, including décor, uniforms, table settings, menu design, food and beverage parings, promotions and most importantly employee-guest interactions. Our goal was met in creating an unforgettable and inspiring brand experience that feels a lot like being invited to an interesting friend’s house who always introduces you to fascinating new people and amazing new food and drink experiences.