The Growler House


With over 40 craft beers on tap, The Growler House has big dreams for revitalizing the beer heritage of Cincinnati, one growler at a time. They believe in beer heavy on personality and light on hassle, enjoyed at their bar or served up grab-and-go style in a growler. The Growler House is not just a bar or a craft experience but a way of life.


Launch this new experience for craft beer drinkers and educate the audience about the concept of a growler bar. Support the revitalization efforts in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Become recognized as a destination to explore the world of craft beer while mingling with the vibrant personalities of the city.


One of the founders, who spent 25 years vacationing in Oregon every summer, developed an affinity for craft beer. This affinity, combined with Cincinnati’s rich history in crafting beer since the early 1800s, inspired a concept that would further enhance the craft beer experience. Drawing on this local heritage and tight-knit beer community, we took cues from the raw textures, etched typography and authentic stamped marks.


With the launch of The Growler House, the neighborhood embraced this new concept with open arms and it is now the gathering place for craft beer lovers and locals alike. They are becoming a well-known destination for rare taps, and are continuing to partner with some of the most credible brewers to educate and celebrate the craft experience.