Scripps National Spelling Bee


The Scripps National Spelling Bee is one of the most storied and iconic education brands this nation has ever known. Spanning nearly 100 years and involving over 25,000 schools and over 11 million participants each year, The Bee is a national phenomenon unlike anything else in education, entertainment or sport.


The Spelling Bee is a brand that has been so thoroughly embraced by our culture - and broadly shaped by it - that it has taken on a life of its own. For decades, the brand and its visual identity had been co-opted and altered by schools, sponsors, media and popular culture. There was little consistency to how the brand was being portrayed, and it was time for The Bee to gain some measure of control.


After what our client called “an archeological dig" into the nearly 100 years of history and heritage, the views of hundreds of participants and fans, and a deep dive into the organic cultural iconography that had emerged, we were incredibly inspired by the common beliefs and values that were universally shared across everyone who touched this brand.


The shared values we discovered and the visual and verbal elements that somehow endured through so many decades became the foundation of The Bee identity. Intrinzic crafted a heroic brand story, brand identity, architecture and set of extensive brand standards that connected and inspired the many people, organizations and educators who invested so much in the Bee, while enabling and providing tools to encourage their continued ownerships of The Bee locally and regionally.