Cincinnati-based Pure Innovations is bringing a new line of mobile devices to market, targeting value-conscious consumers looking for a device that gives them the features they want, in an elegant, easy-to-use platform.


Pure Innovations asked Intrinzic to develop a name, brand guidelines and packaging recommendations for the new device that captures not only the technical features of the handset, but also what choosing this product means for buyers. It was crucial for the brand to clearly convey the company’s commitment to social responsibility. Pure Innovations was founded to be a technology company focused on promoting the greater good.


After researching several options, Intrinzic named the device “Ripple” to capture the potential for this handset to create a ripple in the smartphone world. We also created brand attributes, a logo lockup, brand guidelines, positioning and usage examples.


The new brand placed the attribute of “reciprocate” in the center. This reflects the company’s belief that everything we do can touch other people – and make a difference. The brand positioning created a point of differentiation for Ripple in the crowded mobile device market, giving consumers an option that takes them out of the constant cycle of upgrading their phones to offer them a responsibly produced device that makes a statement about who they are and their view on the world.Web_Template_Ripple