Remke Markets


Remke Markets is a popular regional grocery chain well known for its heritage, high quality, locally-sourced foods and unexpected level of personal service, something the national chains have long forgotten in pursuit of scale and margin.


Remke came to Intrinzic after acquiring Biggs, another well-known regional grocery chain. The newly expanded company was faced with a dilemma: Two names, two distinct cultures and two customer bases loyal to the heritage and experience of each brand.


Intrinzic found a common ethic within the culture of the two brands: a true love and passion for food. It wasn’t just a passion among leadership, but something that was pervasive among all employees. Their knowledge and passion felt more akin to farmers who grow and sell their goods at the local Farmer’s market. This became the inspiration for the revitalized brand, and these beliefs translated themselves in unique practices and routines focused on delivering quality and goodness every day.


After a major market launch of the new Remke brand, and a series of intensive training and collaboration sessions with managers and all employees, the brand truly came to life in every way throughout the in-store experience. Employees were unified in adding value at every point of interaction, while advertising reached consumers who were dissatisfied with the service and quality of the national competitors.