Johnson Investment Counsel


With more than $8 billion in assets under management, 3,000 clients and growing and a geographic reach of 46 states to date, Johnson Investment Counsel is a top wealth management firm.


With their steady growth and an upcoming milestone of 50 years in business, Johnson asked Intrinzic to concept and produce a 50th Anniversary booklet that would serve as a legacy piece for company founder Tim Johnson as he passed the baton as president of the company.


Inspired by Dow Jones graphs and historical timelines, we separated the book into decades. Each section included: a Johnson summary, a national/global summary, a Facts & Stats column showcasing costs of living and fun trends, a timeline with high points in both Johnson and world history and a page dedicated to an aspect of Johnson business – reach, value, team, growth, community and commitment – visually and statistically comparing 1965 to 2015.


The Johnson Investment Counsel 50th Anniversary Book was printed in a unique 9”(H) X 12”(W) size and incorporated specialty papers showcasing Johnson’s brand colors to stand out from standard financial annual reports or publications. By expanding the purpose from a mere promotional piece to a timeless educational tool, the book is that is being kept and shared as a milestone of company history.