Conger Construction Group


Conger is a family-owned company serving Southwestern Ohio. They provide services in General Contracting, Design/Build and Construction Management services for commercial and industrial & institutional clients.


Reposition this family-owned company, GC Contractors, as leaders in their field and ensure they rise above their competitors as the industry evolves. Draw on their history of quality and integrity, while creating an innovative vision for their brand and culture as they grow.


Developing a brand for a small construction company that lives and dies by reputation required a distinct approach. Their family name carries this, so why not start there. The three pillars were inspired by the past and current leaders of the company, proud to bear the Conger name.


The new logo and brand story was pushed into all aspects of their professional day. From their trucks and hard hats, to the stationery and website, bid templates and business cards, even down to some causal baseball caps and golf balls, Conger began to embrace the brand in their culture. This approach lead to more bids, larger jobs and increased revenue. Most importantly, the new brand allows all employees, clients, and citizens alike to understand and appreciate the qualities that define Conger: integrity and quality.