Caring. Confidential. Committed. These are three values upon which Allusions is built. Allusions has been helping men and women with thinning hair and hair loss in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region for more than 25 years. Not only do Allusions’ knowledgeable consultants educate clients, they also offer a supportive, understanding environment where men and women can review natural hair loss solutions tailored to their individual needs.


Allusions has a well-established reputation in the regional market but knew it could enhance its digital presence with the goal of increasing consultation requests and improving lead generation from online sources.


Experiencing hair loss can be traumatic, especially for women. Research shows this is an extremely sensitive subject for those experiencing hair loss, so traditional social strategies (such as social media testimonials or engaging online) are not always successful. In fact, Intrinzic team members had first-hand experience dealing with hair loss for various medical reasons; and for that reason, knew we could bring a level of sensitivity and credibility in our content approach.


Intrinzic provided an organic SEO strategy to increase digital sales leads and revised the business’s blogging campaign, working to position as THE regional hair restoration expert. A combination of engaging content and a thoughtful keyword strategy, combined with attractive visuals and sensitive language, led to more than double page views and unique visitors per month. Organic search grew three-fold. In addition to the numbers, blogs were found to be engaging, interesting and informative for current and prospective clients, experiencing more shares and comments.