Michelle Kolenz

Account Manager

Having the natural curiosity of asking the “how” and “why” of consumer behavior as well as technology and social media, Michelle was drawn to Intrinzic’s expertise. She enjoys researching and discovering new ways to utilize technology and social media to reach target consumers.

Michelle has a range of professional experiences that frame her outlook on customer and consumer communications. Past experiences include retail management, qualitative facility management and qualitative market research project management.

I’m known for:

My love of cooking and baking. It’s one of my favorite things to do for friends and family; act as their personal chef. Favorite thing to make – homemade ravioli!

Person who would play me in the story of my life:

Jennifer Lawrence – She is quick witted, adventurous, and driven.


Intrinzic Inc.
One Levee Way
Suite 3121
Newport KY, 41071

P: 859. 261. 2200
E: michelle.kolenz@intrinzicbrands.com