Chloe Borah

Junior Content Strategist

Chloe brings a passion for strategy combined with razor sharp writing skills to tell our clients’ stories and inspire audiences. She uses a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to develop big ideas that bring big impact.

Chloe comes to Intrinzic with experience in copywriting, brand strategy and social media community management. She holds a B.A. in advertising and public relations from Xavier University. While on campus she was also part of Xavier's Marketing & Communications department and keeper of the university's Instagram account.

I'm known for: my love of donuts and knack for telling dad jokes. I believe my love for sprinkled fried dough started at a young age when my kindergarten crush proposed to me on the playground with a Hostess Donette. Needless to say, the marriage didn't last long but I kept the ring. As for the dad jokes, I’m glad you stuck around for punchline there.

Person who would play me in the story of my life: Emma Stone. She’s like the girl at the party who stands by the snack table the whole night and no one knows she's the hostess because she's that cool. I hope to be that cool someday.

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