Sarah Fry



Great design comes from collaboration and toeing the line between structure and freedom. That’s the creative leadership Sarah brings to the Intrinzic team.

Described as passionate, committed, spontaneous and just a bit obsessed with penguins, Sarah – who leads Intrinzic’s design team – works to ensure that her team always benefits from inspiration, enthusiasm, conversation and creativity.

I learn new things every day. I’ve come to realize that as designers, everything we do is experiential. From building a brand, to creating a website to signage and videos to brochures and beyond. Everything we create must take the end users’ experience to the forefront. I’m striving to learn more and better my solutions. I am a contributor to the world. We all are.

Her approach and dedication to conversation contribute to clients who see their brand come to success in a creative, insightful way… with an entertaining demeanor along the way.

Sarah’s experience includes roles with design agencies large and small, and she’s worked with a broad portfolio of global brands both consumer facing and in the business-to-business category. An Indianapolis native and Colts Fan, Sarah graduated from the University of Dayton in 2007 and currently resides in Cincinnati with her husband, their two children and their whimsically charismatic Goldendoodle, Indie.