More than 80 companies came together this year to kick off the annual Safety Week, an awareness event that encompasses the entire construction industry across the United States and Canada. This year, Intrinzic developed “The Power of Safe Choices,” a campaign that called upon workers, families and friends to show how their choices, decisions and behaviors make everyone stronger and safer, together. The overall message focused on the impact of safety—how it extends far beyond job sites and corporations—while the campaign activation highlighted the choices and actions workers can take every day to create a safer work environment for not only themselves, but for those on the jobsite and beyond.

Elevate the Safety Week initiative and connect more deeply with craft workers on job sites, reach more employees in front offices, and engage with workers’ families and friends.


The 2018 strategic campaign goals included:

  • Expanding the reach of the campaign and engagement among craft workers
  • Increasing personal responsibility and leadership among employees, both craftspeople and leaders
  • Extending the conversation to workers’ family and friends
  • Raising awareness of the Safety Week organization within the construction industry

To create safe work environments — workers, employees and leaders must recognize two things: the importance of actively making safe choices each and every day, and the significant impact those choices have on their colleagues, companies, families and friends. We brought these two ideas together in one story that spoke to the collective impact of an individual’s safe choices.
Building off of the event’s success the previous year, the organization wanted to elevate the importance of construction safety and safety culture by driving audience awareness and engagement. We built this year’s campaign theme on various initiatives in traditional and digital platforms, and deployed a campaign system to ensure the 80+ participating event partners and sponsors could consistently and accurately communicate the message of safety week to all levels of the industry. The campaign theme and Safety Week brand were elevated in all graphic elements, language, tactics and even during kickoff events with an interactive digital mosaic powered by Hyperactivate that visualized the impact of an individual’s choices on the safety of the industry as a whole.


Specifically, Intrinzic:


  • Deployed a dynamic campaign system to the participating partners and sponsors of Safety Week to secure consistent, accurate, impactful messaging across all levels of the industry.
  • Refreshed a campaign logo related to this year’s theme, incorporating Safety Week’s brand colors and elevating the key message of Safety Week—we are stronger and safer, together.
  • Crafted copy that defined the 2018 event theme and the collective impact each worker and employee has on creating a safe environment both on and off the jobsite.
  • Activated public relations tactics to garner broad coverage of kick-off events and drive storytelling on specific aspects of the campaign.
  • Organized media, event activation and social media toolkits for the 80+ Safety Week sponsor companies and others to use to promote their own safety celebrations in a unified manner.
  • Strategized and executed a robust CRM plan that reached key stakeholders via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Created opportunities for workers to share their commitment to safety and Safety Week by:
    • Encouraging workers and employees to take the “My Safety Pledge” and share the reason why and how they make safe choices every day. Their responses were included in a digital, interactive mosaic.
  • Highlighted advice and experiences from various workers, experts, and leaders in the industry to educate and empower the safety community featured in ENR Advertisements and editorial coverage.


  • Surpassed 292 million impressions through news, print, website and social posts (19 million more than last year).
  • Achieved more than 379 media hits, including a live feed with NBC’s Tampa Affiliate on their Morning Show and post-event coverage on LA Access Channel 35.
  • Received over 80 new sponsorship queries and continued sponsor support with the majority of our 70 existing supporters.
  • Over 43,000 sessions in website activity which doubled from last year.
  • Spurred hundreds of local company-led Safety Week events across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Strongly engaged email audience delivering an average 5% open rate and 8%+ clicks (well above industry averages at a 27.4% open rate and a 2.5% click rate).
  • Drove strong engagement with industry craft and executives via our campaign kick-off video that yielded over 87 shares, 264 reactions, 47K video views and a reach of over 42K. Video minutes viewed and engagement (likes, shares comments) tripled.
  • Received strong industry engagement through #safetyweek and online “My Safety Pledge” interactive mosaic powered by Hyperactivate. Over 4,346 messages were posted and 4,220 were unique.
  • Received strong industry engagement through the online “My Safety Pledge” interactive mosaic and #safetyweek. Over 4,346 messages were posted and 4,220 were unique.