More than 70 industry-leading construction companies join together each year for Safety Week, an annual awareness event that encompasses the 700,000 construction workers in the United States and Canada. The organization asked Intrinzic to build on the success of the 2016 Safety Week campaign by driving awareness and engagement of workers on jobsites across the U.S. and Canada, elevating Safety beyond checklists to a true cultural mindset shared by all.
The ongoing challenges for Safety Week are:

-Spreading key safety messages beyond the C-suite.

-Increasing overall awareness of the program throughout the industry and beyond, reaching partners and families.

-Creating a unified theme behind an overarching safety message that inspires and engages audiences, from craft workers on job sites to employees and leaders in front offices.

For 2017, we continued our previous year’s work to bring strategy together with visual and verbal elements so that the Safety Week story connected with audiences throughout the industry and motivated them to action. This approach began to establish Safety Week as a conduit of construction safety resources, best practices and expertise.

We were inspired by the individual commitment workers make to themselves and each other to be safe. We chose the theme “It’s in our Hands” as a reminder about hand safety and to the larger concept of encouraging workers to rally together around the daily call to take safety matters into their hands every day, on every job.
We collaborated to build an integrated marketing campaign across 12 disciplines – including strategy, messaging, design, digital, social, public relations, events, video and more – to create synergies between strategies and tactics, and help our client reach their goals.

Specifically, we:

  • Deployed a campaign system to the participating partners and sponsors of Safety Week to ensure a consistent, accurate message across all levels of the industry.
  • Designed a campaign logo that incorporated interlocking hands in the Safety Week brand colors to illustrate the foundational message of Safety Week – we are stronger, and safer, together.
  • Developed copy that defined the 2017 event theme and the shared responsibility each worker has to themselves and each other to maintain a safe work environment.
  • Used public relations tactics to garner broad coverage of the kickoff events and to drive storytelling on specific aspects of the campaign.
  • Developed media, event activation and social media toolkits for the 70+ Safety Week sponsor companies and others to use to promote their own Safety Week celebrations in a unified manner.
  • Planned and executed a robust CRM plan that hit key stakeholders via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Created opportunities for workers to show their commitment to safety and participate in Safety Week by:
  • An opportunity to record a video sharing a “high five” for safety to be included in a larger brand video.
  • Providing a chance to demonstrate their commitment to safety at the jobsite by placing a handprint on a commitment board and writing why they are safe each day.


  • The campaign extended a total reach of more than 273 million through news, print, website and social impressions. Thanks to over 2,400 hashtag mentions by participants across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube this number is likely several thousand more.
  • Achieved more than 400 media hits (including extensive coverage in the leading trade publications).
  • Spoke to an engaged email audience delivering on average 35% open rates and 9%+ clicks. This is well above industry averages at an 18.3% open rate and a 1.1% click rate.
  • Drove Facebook engagement with industry craft and executives whom took safety into their own hands in our #GiveMeFive video campaign that yielded over 80 shares, 80 likes, 23K video views and a reach over 64 thousand to kick off Safety Week. This drove the majority of reach during Safety Week on social – 84% of Facebook impressions.