Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is the community-wide foundation that provides a way to pool resources, large and small, in order to give back and make a lasting difference in its region. The organization was founded in 2017
As a new charitable entity supporting a broad region, Horizon Community Funds needed to establish several elements of its brand, messaging and online presence quickly. While the name and logo were already established, there was a need to develop an overall visual brand identity and brand messaging that comes to life through a new website. While time was of the essence, there was recognition that what was developed would significantly impact the short-term and long-term success of the fund.
Northern Kentucky has experienced tremendous growth in recent decades, with thriving commerce and a vibrant cultural scene, but a funding organization specific to the region and never been established. The team was inspired by the fund’s stakeholders to create a way to give back to their community and bring residents together to be a part of something greater than themselves.
Horizon Community Funds has established itself as an inclusive changemaker in the region, with a website focused on bringing clarity and a streamlined approach to the complex structures of community funds. Clean and bright brand visuals, including a refined brandmark and authentic photography style, inspire potential donors to interact and support a broad range of community initiatives.