An offshoot of the nationally recognized greenhouse design and engineering firm, Rough Brothers, Inc. (RBI), Ecos Cannabis designs and builds cannabis grow facilities.

When RBI acquired cannabis design/build companies Delta T Solutions and Nexus Greenhouse Systems, the brand needed to determine how these newcomers would fit together within their existing portfolio in a way that would set them up as leaders in the emerging cannabis growing industry.


RBI sought Intrinzic’s expertise to position, visualize and name a master brand, in addition to providing a brand architecture and naming strategy that could link to the two sub-brands together in a way that would position all stakeholders as leaders in their about-to-boom category.

Intrinzic found inspiration in the agricultural science roots the companies shared. Each came to the relationship with a reputation for technical excellence and a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by master growers in the high-stakes world of raising cannabis crops. Together, they could offer customers unmatched capabilities in the engineering of grow facilities and the craft of growing plants. We sought to elevate this expertise in the form of a cohesive and future-forward brand.

Intrinzic created the visual and verbal expression for a new master brand, Ecos, a company that builds customized indoor and greenhouse growing systems via its divisions (or sub-brands) Nexus and the newly minted Tetra (formerly Delta T). This new architecture and nomenclature creates an offer that is distinctly broad in scope for its category, and a naming system that establishes strong relationships between the master brand and sub-brands, communicating the intelligent ecosystems that Ecos creates for growers.


Intrinzic’s visual expression for Ecos builds upon the theme of “intelligent ecosystem” with bold gradients that speak to the youthful nature of the cannabis industry, as well as the brand’s confident and intrepid attitude. Elemental photography with overlays of science-inspired patterning reinforce Ecos’ ag science roots, and robust iconography details the engineering behind the brands’ products.