Dave Townsend



After more than 25 years in the agency business, you’d think a person would have seen about everything, but nothing stays the same for long and the old saw is true, change is the only constant. Dave certainly has experienced lots of change over the years in a career that spans all aspects of strategic communications from advertising and branding, to digital marketing and employee communications. He has helped counsel brands ranging from Anheuser-Busch, Trans World Airlines, Disney, Tide, Ethyl Chemical, Folgers, Square D, among many others. This broad-based experience has helped him to not only be a marketing specialist but also become a business problem solver and change management resource.

I am a champion of collaboration because I have seen the impact it can have on a company and on the people who chose to actively participate in it. Yes, it is hard, messy and inherently inefficient, but it is worth the effort – every time. 

He continues to spend most of his time ensuring all the pieces to “the puzzle” fit together – and remaining constructively discontent.


(513) 371-5034